You Could Maximize Efficiency and Productivity With Office Partitioning

You Could Maximize Efficiency and Productivity With Office Partitioning

There is a lot to think about when designing or refitting a large office space. It is a space where a number of people are going to be spending the vast majority of the day, so the smallest details can make all the difference. Choosing the right paint colour for the walls, the right style of carpet or the most suitable window dressing can really affect the space, as well as more personal choices like chairs and desk furniture.

One of the more overlooked, yet essential, office elements is office partitioning. This is used between cubicles and provides workers with privacy and their own personal space. They play a big part in the professional appearance of the space and contribute a lot to the productivity and functionality of the office.

There are a number of office partition options, with a wide variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and materials available. Plasterboard, light wood, glass, and cloth-covered foam are some of the most used materials. Your choice of material will be an individual decision but you should also go for a material that compliments the layout and décor of your office space. If you want to maximize the flow of natural light then glass partitions would be a good idea, whereas if you plan on changing the layout of your office and moving your partitions fairly regularly, then a more durable material like wood or plasterboard may be beneficial. Similarly, if you plan on future expansion of your office then a more mobile partition may be the best idea. Light materials that are easy to reposition or even wheeled partitions will make things a lot more convenient when making layout changes to a large office.

The height of your partitions is also an important decision. While there are many colours and materials available, partitions only tend to come in 3 heights. Half height partitions are the most widely associated with office floors. They offer workers a private working space when seated but they don’t fully exclude them from the office floor area. They allow for easy communication and a more sociable working environment. If you do require a quieter working area, away from the hustle and bustle of the office floor, then a full height partition will be best. They reach from floor to ceiling, acting as a temporary wall rather than a screen. This creates a more individual office separation. The third option is known as an accordion-style partition. They have the look of full-height partitions but fold out like a concertina to allow stylish and easy access from space to space. They are a lot more mobile than regular full-height partitions but still provide privacy.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable office partitions for your particular area, it might even be worth consulting an expert. Office designers can work with you to create the most practical working environment within your budget. This is the most important thing, creating a comfortable working area that maximizes functionality, whilst also looking good!

Judd Cole