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The announcement was followed by news that big benefits were to be reserved for management pay, which drew criticism. The arrival of the “New Lotto” implied bigger jackpots with an approximated average of 1. 1 million additional for Saturday’s draw and 400,000 on Wednesday. Gamers matching three numbers receive an additional 15, up from 10 before and an additional 40 for matching 4 numbers.

As part of the refresh, a new Lottery Raffle was presented, with at least 50 winners of 20,000 per draw. The statement and launch of the revitalized Lottery video game triggered debate due to the rate boost (called as a “tax on the bad”). The new game released with a 10,000,000 jackpot and 1,000 Lottery Raffle winners of 20,000.

Rollovers are no longer limited in number, rather the size of the prize is topped; the cap is reached after about 14 rollovers. When the jackpot gets to 50 million, if no-one matches all 6 main numbers the prize will rollover to the following draw. In the occasion nobody matches all six numbers on that draw the prize “rolls down” and is integrated with the reward fund for the next prize classification where there is at least one winner.

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This produced much criticism as the breakdown of prizes announced by Camelot includes the value of these rewards (2 each winner) within the draw’s prize fund despite the fact that each match 2 prize winner does not see any financial value unless their ticket matches three main numbers or more in the following draw.

In January 2016, the Lottery prize reached the 50 million cap and rolled over again to reach a record-breaking 66 million. This was won by 2 ticket holders who received 33 million each. In August of that year, the jackpot cap was decreased to 22 million. If no one wins the prize when it is 22 million or more, it will roll to the next draw one final time.

Division of 17. 82% of the sales = X Matching numbers % of X Chances of winning 4 numbers 12. 9% 2,179 to 1 5 numbers 2. 0% 144,414 to 1 5 numbers and reward ball 1. 9% 7,509,578 to 1 6 numbers 83. 2% 45,057,473 to 1 The overall odds of winning any reward are 9.

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From October 2015 the overall reward fund is 47. 50% of draw sales in a normal week, including the raffle. The three-ball reward winners, with odds of 96 to 1, receive 25 each; the two-ball prize winners get a totally free 2 entry. 17. 82% of the sales are divided as displayed in the table and split equally with the variety of winners for each selection.

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Since the video game’s creation, all prizes levels from “match 4” and above diverse depending upon the number of winners at each level and on overall ticket sales. From this date, each prize level is a set amount per winner, similar to the Thunderball draw. For the modifications to be made possible, the Lotto Millionaire raffle was discontinued.

Rollovers are restricted to 5. If nobody matches all six main numbers after the 5th rollover, the jackpot is shared between every money reward winner. This is called a “Prize Rolldown”. Every money reward therefore increases substantially.( estimated amounts shown in brackets). Classification Odds x to 1 (per entry) Avg. prize per winner 6 numbers 45,057,474 5,000,000 (approx.) 5 numbers + perk number 7,509,578 1,000,000 (1.

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