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In August of 2007, the district announced it would unwind its dress code for the time being to permit images and fabrics aside from solid colors. The district superintendent, while admitting that prohibiting images on clothing raises issues about the limitation of political and spiritual speech, revealed his intent to move soon towards implementing uniforms in the district.

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To clarify the matter rather, the Supreme Court ruled in June of 2007 in favor of a school in Alaska that had suspended a student for displaying a banner reading “Bong Strikes 4 Jesus.” The court ruled that the referral to drugs in this case had no political message and might indeed be viewed as promoting substance abuse.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, for instance, the dress code forbids: Decorations (consisting of tattoos) that are symbols, mottoes, words or acronyms that communicate crude, repulsive, profane, violent, gang-related, raunchy or suggestive messages Large or baggy clothes (this prohibition can be used to keep trainees from extreme “drooping”) Holes in clothing Scarves, curlers, bandanas or sweatbands inside of school buildings (exceptions are produced spiritual clothes) Noticeable underwears Strapless garments Bare midriffs, immodestly low-cut necklines or bare backs Tights, leggings, bike shorts, swim fits or pajamas as outerwear Noticeable piercings, except in the ear Canine collars, tongue rings and studs, wallet chains, big hair choices, or chains that link one part of the body to another, What’s a uniform? One school might need white dress shirts and ties for kids, pleated skirts for women and sports jackets adorned with the school logo for all.

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When Toledo trainees reach junior high, they are treated to another color option: maroon. What research states about school uniforms, Virginia Draa, assistant teacher at Youngstown State University, examined attendance, graduation and proficiency pass rates at 64 public high schools in Ohio. Her final analysis shocked her: “I actually entered into this believing uniforms don’t make a difference, but I came away seeing that they do.

If uniforms are planned to suppress school violence and improve academics, why are they not more prevalent in middle and high schools, where these objectives are just as essential as in primary schools? Since, says Brunsma, “It’s desperately a lot more hard to carry out uniforms in high schools, and even intermediate schools, for student resistance is much, much higher.

Obviously, this uniform argument is also one concerning whether kids have rights, too!”What do students consider uniforms? A student discussion: pros and cons of uniforms, Editor’s note: This video becomes part of our high school turning points series about interaction abilities. The students in this video talk about the pros and cons of school uniforms.

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A new trend is the mounting pressure to develop gown codes for instructors. Obviously the exact same casual mind-set toward exposing outfits is appearing in the ranks of our teachers. The dispute over uniforms in public schools incorporates many larger issues than just what kids ought to wear to school. It touches on concerns of school improvement, liberty of expression and the “culture wars.” It’s not surprising that the dispute rages on.

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