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Heat Resistance Whether in the kitchen area or the bathroom, your counter tops will be exposed to heat, in the form of hot curling irons or pots from the range. So you need to comprehend whether your chosen material can endure this much heat or if you’ll need to utilize hot pads.

Utilize a hot pad Moisture Resistance Wetness resistance is an essential aspect when it concerns counter tops. You’ll undoubtedly have spills and expose the counter tops to liquids. Repair and Maintenance However tough your worktops, they will need some kind of continuous upkeep, and they might eventually require repair. Granite and quartz are both difficult and resilient.

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It’s likewise costly and high-maintenance. Vs. Solid Surface Strong surface area is cost effective compared to granite and quartz. It’s functional but basic and, while it does provide a functional work surface area, it doesn’t elevate your property in the very same way as natural or engineered stone. On the other hand, your options of colors and patterns are much broader than with granite.

If the worktop sustains damage, you can simply sand out the scratches. Vs. Laminate Laminate counter tops cost a fraction of the rate of genuine stone or resin. It’s another standard however functional choice that has a lot of color and style options. It can not be quickly repaired and is not heat-resistant.

Advantages Of Granite Suppliers Melbourne

Vs. Concrete Concrete countertops cost less than quartz and granite, so make a great compromise when you desire something strong however don’t want to blow your entire budget on stone. Concrete is heat-resistant and can be colored or textured to your specs. However, it is porous, so it does require routine resealing.

Granite brings a striking appeal that can not be duplicated by marble or quartz. It is rather durable and highly heat-resistant. When appropriately sealed, it will last for decades. Ask us about our 25 year sealer protection. Our experts at East Coast Granite highly advise the application of a top quality sealer.

Things to Love About Granite Kitchen Benchtops Melbourne

At East Coast Granite, this is something you do not need to fret about. We only offer premium granite counter tops for your house. There are 3 different levels of granite. Level 1 (Low Grade Granite), Level 2 (Mid-Grade Level) and Level 3 +(High Grade Granite). The grade of the granite piece can be determined by colors, veins, pitting, marking, thickness, the quantity of soft products it has, and the nation where it was quarried.

We have lots of various premium granite counter tops for your home and our knowledgeable design team can offer additional alternatives to tailor your counter top installation. The display rooms at East Coast Granite have hundreds of granite colors and patterns to select from. No 2 countertops are alike and we motivate our customers to search for as long as they like before making their last choice.

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Lighting is very important to think about because darker granite coupled with inadequate light can make areas appear smaller sized than they truly are. Featured: New River White Granite Instead of guessing which wood tone you have or what design of flooring you have, take a sample your materials with you when purchasing granite.

If samples are readily available, take a few house so that you can see what it might appear like in your cooking area. If not, take some pictures of your leading granite picks. When you get home, test them out by covering your existing counter tops with something neutral like a white sheet or paper and then positioning the samples or images on the covered counter.

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