Teamfight Tactics Guide:

Teamfight Tactics Guide:

Let our Teamfight Tactics guide to the latest TFT Patch 9.15b keep you updated on recent changes.

TFT Patch 9.15b Changes

If you’ve been trying to keep abreast of the team fight Tactics meta, then you’re going to want to ensure that you’re totally clued in with the latest patch notes. TFT is constantly being iterated on as Riot Games collects more feedback from the PBE and from players across regions, so check out our TFT Boost Patch 9.15b guide to see what’s changed since the last time you might have booted up the League of Legends launcher. 

TFT Patch 9.15b Champion Changes 

Patch 9.15b is the most recent patch, and the changes here are focused mostly around balancing champions and certain items. There is also a fix that has cut down any delays that people may have had previously while loading into the game, and this rolled out ahead of Patch 9.15b’s actual drop. 

Champions like Blitzcrank and Kayle have received some small changes here and there, with Blitzcrank’s target bug being fixed and Kayle’s mana cost increased from 100 to 125. Pyke and Rengar have had a couple of tweaks to their numbers as well, with Pyke’s stun duration being reduced and everyone’s favorite knife cat taking a hit in the attack speed department to stop him from becoming too dominant. 

There have also been some balance changes to Elise, who’s had her base attack damage and the attack damage of her spiderlings boosted. Meanwhile, AP-heavy champions like Twisted Fate and Veigar have been buffed a little, with the former getting more HP and AD and the latter having an overall boost to scaling AP damage. 

TFT Patch 9.15b Item Changes

On the item front, changes to Guardian Angel and Runaan’s Hurricane are probably the most pressing. Guardian Angel has its health on restore cut down to 800, while Runaan’s Hurrican has had its bonus damage percentage tripled to 75%. Statikk Shiv’s bug where it would deal extra damage even to a small number of targets has been fixed, and Morellonomicon has had its burn damage decreased to 20% for all those pesky Sorcerer comps out there. Last but not least, there have been a couple of changes to other bladed weapons: Sword of the Divine has had its activation chance increased, Phantom Dancer now lets you dodge crit strikes from your opponents’ abilities, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade’s attack speed per stack has been upped to 5%. 

Those are the latest changes to Teamfight Tactics which are currently active, but Patch 9.16 is coming up on the horizon so expect there to be further tweaks to either champions or items, along with some potential new faces. We’ll have the lowdown on those changes too when they drop, so keep an eye out on our hub. 

Judd Cole