Pest Control – Ants

Has your home been invaded by tiny little black ants? Mine has and I know how hard it is to find a pest control product that works for them. I mean these little guys are stubborn. You spray them they come back. You squash them they come back. You scrub every inch of the area they are in and they just keep coming back.

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What are these things?

They are Argentine ants. Coffee ships from Brazil brought them here in the 1890’s and they liked it so they stayed. Now they are a pest control nightmare. These little tiny black ants terrorize the other insects. They can beat up even wasps by out numbering them and wreak havoc on all the other ants around disrupting the natural eco system in an area.

Why are they in my house?

They are shopping for food and your home is the best grocery store in town. These ants are also called sugar ants for a reason, they love sweets. Of course they also eat egg yolk, tuna, pet food, and any other organic thing they can find. They also like to come in for water as well and you may find them roaming all over your sink and bathroom. The good news is they do not actually like to live inside of your home. They just come in on a regular basis. Similar to a teenaged boy they will wander all over your home and eat everything in site then scamper out again without even doing the dishes. The bad news is they really are a pest control problem.

Argentine ants do not live in a single colony like fire ants do so getting rid of them is not as simple as killing a single queen. These ants often have several queens with satellite nests spread out over a large area. As a matter of fact there are usually so many of them that these tiny ants can overwhelm an adult bird to kill and eat its young.

How do I get rid of these tiny terrors?

Insecticide sprays do not work as you already know. Really the only way to get rid of these ants is by the use of a pest control bait specially made for them. They will then take the bait back to their many queens and eventually kill the colony.

Judd Cole