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The axle goes through the bottom bracket. Amongst bikes with threaded BBs, the majority comply with the English requirement. Many Italian frames used the Italian standard. A modern extra-large basic called T47 is seeing increased adoption. This has an internal size of 46mm (compared to the 35mm size of the British requirement).

Users will frequently discard them when they are worn. It is possible for users to damage the threads when setting up BBs, e. g. by forcing a BB in at an angle. A bike store can go after the threads to attempt to restore them. If the threads are beyond repair work, it is possible to ream and re-tap a British threaded BB to the Italian BB requirement, since the latter has a slightly larger diameter (36mm vs 35mm for BSA).

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Likewise, Italian BBs are best hand threaded on both sides, so the drive-side cup may unscrew as you pedal. Later on, different press-fit bottom bracket requirements were established where the frame includes a molded seat for bearing cups. It is not possible to cut threads into carbon fiber. The option to push fit includes bonding a threaded alloy sleeve into the frame, and press fit is simpler and lighter.

(NB: Trek appears to be phasing this standard out at the time of writing.) There are various standards for press-fit bottom brackets. Cups for one standard are not interchangeable with a different requirement. However, for each press fit BB requirement, producers will make cups to accept most or all cranksets on the market.

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Some larger bike producers have BB requirements exclusive to their own frames, such as Cervelo, Cannondale, and in the past, Trek. Generally, users seeking to set up a BB and crankset from scratch would figure out the frame’s BB requirement, then discover a bottom bracket in that requirement that matches their preferred crankset axle type and diameter.

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e. tidy and re-grease them) without changing the cups, or extract the bearings from the cups. Naturally, the cups themselves can be replaced. Creaking is a known problem with press-fit BBs, and it is caused if the BB shell was manufactured out of requirements (or if the shell got bigger with time from a loose-fitting BB).

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Any crank can be mounted on a bike with any bottom bracket shell type. Some business even make bottom brackets for older (e. g. BSA) threaded shells and 30mm axles. Also note that there are eccentric bottom brackets, which are truly a bottom bracket that goes inside of a balanced out bottom bracket shell that fits inside the frame’s bottom bracket shell.

If you’re looking to build up a mostly American made mountain bicycle you’re in luck. There are a myriad of USA business making mountain bicycle parts. While there are a great deal of parts that can be purchased from American producers or handmade bike contractors, there are also many parts that can not be acquired.

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Listed below I have actually made a listing of all of the American parts manufacturers I could find. I hope to create an exhaustive list of business to buy items from. Please let me know if I’ve missed a business or a business no longer makes their products in the USA.If you’re trying to find a mountain bike frame made in the U.S.A. be sure to take a look at my Ultimate Listing: Mountain Bikes Made In America.

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