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This is the hub web page for both, 49s Lunchtime and 49s Teatime where both lotto video games are being evaluated as one. The current outcomes are being uploaded below every day, mins after the official illustration happens. For the individual web pages of any one of these 2 lotto video games, please most likely to 49s Lunch break as well as 49s Teatime respectively.

What are the most current UK 49s Lunchtime & Teatime results?: What are the previous UK 49s Lunchtime & Teatime results? The previous UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime outcomes are, Lunch: Teatime: Where are the UK 49s Lunch & Teatime forecasts?

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What is one of the most UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime past due number?, the most past due numbers are 43, not drawn during the current 33 draws and 18 which was not attracted considering that 33 draws. What is the most drawn UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime set of numbers? One of the most common UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime set attracted is 47, 48.

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The most current results had 3 also and 3 weird numbers. What is the UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime numbers duplicating rate? During the most current 100 draws, 49 times no number from one draw was drawn again in the very next draw, while 1 number from some attracts have actually been pulled in the following draw a total of 44 times and also 2 numbers appeared in the next draw an overall of 6 times.

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By looking back at the most current 100 draws of this lotto we can see that 1 time the drawn numbers can be located amongst the numbers and their next-door neighbors of the previous 2 attracts. Just 2 times, the winning numbers could be discovered among the next-door neighbors of the numbers drawn in the previous 4 attracts.

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What if we take a look at the previous UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime numbers just? To locate the winning mix we would certainly need to consider the numbers of the previous 6 attracts, at the very least 2 times. 2 times we would find them in the previous 7 attracts How commonly are UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime successive numbers being drawn? 2 consecutive numbers have actually been drawn 54 times and also 3 successive numbers appeared 6 times.

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The most draws in a row that contained successive numbers is 7 and the most draws in a row that did not contain consecutive numbers is 7. When were consecutive UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime numbers attracted last time?

The least expensive worth of the slim space is 1 when consecutive numbers exist. And the greatest worth of the slim void was 6. Exist any type of repeating UK 49s Lunch & Teatime decades? Sure there are some. A variety of 29 times there were 1 + 2 repeating decades. The current results contained 3.

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The were 2 in the last numbers. What are the chances to strike the UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime pot? Chances to strike the UK 49s Lunch & Teatime reward are What type of lottery system is UK 49s Lunch Break & Teatime? This is a lotto game system. What day and also time is the UK 49s Lunch break & Teatime attract? Twice a day, everyday, at roughly 12:49 GMT AND 16:49 GMT.

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