Life Purpose – How Do We Define Our Success in Life?

Life Purpose – How Do We Define Our Success in Life?

What does it mean to have a life purpose, how would others define their own life purpose?

Why do some connect with their purpose and others do not? Why do some people never even believe that we are all here for a purpose and place judgments on those that do?

How does leading a life ‘purposeless’ differ from living a life ‘ on purpose’ and holding it as a central guiding marker for life direction?

Your values are what make you, you, the pillars of your life, does living your life purpose contribute to holistic well-being?

A good place to start to define your life purpose is with a definition: The Encarta Dictionary English U.K definitions relating to ‘purpose’ that stood out for me are as follows; ‘Purpose’:

Reason for existence, ‘the reason for which something exists or which it has been done or made’… ‘the purpose of life’

Desired effect, ‘the goal intended outcome of something’… ‘the purpose of… is’…

Determination, ‘the desire or the resolves necessary to accomplish a goal’… ‘you need to act with purpose’

On purpose, ‘deliberately’

To good purpose, ‘successfully, or with good results’

To no purpose, ‘without success or achieving useful result’

To the purpose, ‘relevant’

How, and if you define your purpose, is the key influence of your life and in my opinion contributes to holistic health and well-being.

Some people never even come close to the term life purpose and it has little relevance to them.

After much deliberation I put my own spin, or concept on this. I wanted to share with you my way of thinking about how you can define your purpose or consider it as a way of being in life.

I offer one way to flesh out your purpose, for those of you who need clarity, want to be fulfilled and successful in the goals you set and the intention you have for the way you choose to live your life.

I consider 3 elements to be key components that can contribute to a person defining their own life purpose.

They are; Passion, Pattern and Purpose.

The Passion and the life Pattern you have followed knowingly or unknowingly to date, at present and will continue to follow in the future and adds to your life fulfillment and joy everyday: this is your Purpose.

Passion + Pattern = Purpose


Is your internal drive, or motivator, things that get you fired inside, energised once you wake you can’t wait to start doing more of it. It keeps you awake at night or you wake up in the morning with intuitive thoughts, ideas for achieving your desire.

You would be prepared to do this paid or unpaid to have it in your life. Regardless of external judgment, opinions, you just have an overwhelming sense of knowing, an urge to get your message, talent or abilities out there and share with colleagues, loved ones, your community and/ or the rest of world. It’s what you think about most of the time. What you feel you have no choice but to be lead by it in order to feel fulfilled and living a life that you are passionate about.


Some people follow a definite path to their purpose and know from an early age, others never become aware of their purpose or even come close to defining it.

For many, they discover more of who they really are and really want to be later on in life. When and what ever the reason, the accumulation of the pattern of past experiences, or flow of life isn’t enough any more or something happens they feel off course or out of balance.

They may get a series of gentle light bulb moments or be struck like a lighting bolt.

How ever your purpose or future ‘life pattern’ is given, received, comes to awareness, when you look at what has been predominantly happening in your life pattern, there is a train of thought, or thought patterns process that leads you to consider ‘where you are now, and where you want to be’.

From the vital questions you begin to ask yourself, you too realise your ‘true purpose’.

These thoughts lead to feelings. Then, action steps that you have to take, to fulfill your purpose and make a difference to your life or world, will become come clearer.

Purpose leads to living in the here and now and living a life of ‘precious aha moments’ that some people wait a life-time for!


Sometimes you intuitively know what your unique abilities are; but it’s not uncommon to need a little guidance to flesh it out.

How can you align every area of your life, so your live your life with ‘purpose’ and ‘on purpose’, doing what you were put on this planet to do?

No, matter how you or others define it, all say in some form or another whether it based on any of the religious beliefs or not, that your purpose and compassion is a part of you, you are your creator.

Our purpose is our main drive in life, the direction we steer our life towards, what we focus on most of the time and is our vision of how we want our lives to look and be.

Keep going because when you are doing work that aligns with your purpose, you are energised, powerful and get to live your dream everyday!

Not everyone knows or discovers their purpose or has a deep sense or need for finding a career that aligns their purpose.

Occupation or role does not define your life purpose, but you will have even more of a positive impact with your purpose, on others well-being and your own. If you are fortunate enough to do ‘work’ you love, that never really feels like ‘work’ remember to express gratitude because you are blessed!

It is said that 80% of the population ‘hate’ their JOB!

When you wake up in the morning, energised, paying the bills by doing more of the work you love, that has got to be a good thing, right?

Once my passion was to express my purpose through work directly with children and positively impact the education, health and well-being of our nation.

I have found a way to align my values, passion, pattern, purpose, with my that lifestyle fits in with family and my business.

This feels wonderful, every day I learn more, uncover and understand my life purpose and share my story.

So many of us hide and see the need to be perfect, when you are on purpose you know that there are no mistakes your life unfolds before you perfectly.

Working with holistic practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs means I get to help them make their difference, which in turn impacts the universe on a much greater scale. How awesome is that?

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Judd Cole