How to Promote Your Business Using Towels and Blankets

Practical giveaways such as towels and blankets offer a wide range of opportunities for brand building. Usually identified with personal-care products, they have become efficient tools in boosting customer service for the hospitality, travel, and leisure industries.

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Hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and resorts wanting to take customer service a notch up can do so by making sure they supply every room with plush towels and comfortable blankets bearing corporate logos. Similarly, cruise ships can ensure comfort over high seas by stocking cabins with ultra-soft towels and blankets.

Small gestures such as these aren’t lost on guests, many of whom are nitpicky about enjoying the comforts of home wherever they go.Guests will be sufficiently impressed that they’ll ask you where you get your towels and blankets, so it always helps to stock the gift shop with these. Earn extra points by offering an embroidery service so your guests can have these towels and blankets monogrammed with their initials.

Pampering is the sole reason people flock to salons and spas, and these companies can spoil their customers even more, starting with the softest towels. Adding corporate logos to hand and bath towels and even robes not only helps in building brand recall but also shows clients that you take customer service seriously.

Towels are also perfect giveaways for travel agencies and airlines wanting to promote an island resort or a destination. These monogrammed presents can be offered as rewards to customers who book and pay for their travel packages. In the same way, airlines wanting to emphasize that they go the extra mile to offer comfort might want to welcome transcontinental passengers with a rejuvenating package that includes a towel, eye mask, and soap. Perks like these are sure to attract travelers who don’t mind a little pampering a thousand feet above ground.

Judd Cole