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Among the conventionally used mills is a. They are the most frequently seen design in rental stores. Another conventionally utilized model is the tracked walk-behind stump mill, which in the example of Toro makes use of the very same concept as Toro’s walk-behind trenchers. Both are operator-friendly. With the Handlebar Stump Mill, you utilize the handle to move the cutting wheel backward and forward.

With, you just support it and use the controls. Toro track stump mills have an Intelli-Sweep feature, which will in fact adjust the sweep speed, so the speed at which you’re moving the cutting wheel throughout the stump is based upon just how much load is being used to the wheel.

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So it type of automatically changes for the operator to maintain the cutting wheel efficiency. The Handlebar Stump Grinders are going to be a smaller width, which permits you to get in and out. But the Track Stump Grinders have a width of 34 inches so they’re still relatively compact.

Both are quite conducive and designed for use in domestic applications. For instance, if you had a couple small-diameter stumps, you might go with the Handlebar Stump Grinder since it’s just simpler to transfer; you can put it into the back of a pickup and it is 110 pounds vs.

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You require a separate tracking system to move Track Stump Grinders around. Age will enter into play in terms of the hardness of the stump. So if you have a stump that is decomposing and decomposing, it tends to be softer. In that case, either the Track or the Handlebar Stump Grinders can cut through and make excellent time in those conditions.

One consideration for selecting the Handlebar Stump Mill as opposed to one of the bigger Track Stump Grinders is that the Handlebar will pivot on its wheels so it can’t reach greater stumps. So if the stump was cut off more than 14 inches above grade, you would need a different stump grinder.

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Residential applications are actually another reason for the track design on the Track Stump Grinders since tracks better disperse the weight of the device. So the ground pressure is much less and you do not need to fret about ruts or developing turn marks in individuals’s yards. When working around structures, remember that Stump Grinders can toss chips.

Wear protective equipment to protect from flying debris. Examine the proximity of the building to the stump when picking which design to utilize. Ensure that you don’t have bystanders entering the jobsite. If working with first-time users, keep an eye on them and the jobsite. When using a Handlebar Stump Grinder don’t try to overpower it by utilizing too much down force.

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