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Target market The very basis of any marketing strategy is recognizing and understanding your target market. The very same chooses marketing a mobile video game. Developers can’t just target mobile gamers as a whole since that’s a large and diverse group of individuals. One has to be far more specific than that.

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Start narrowing down gamers according to their location, age, and gender, i. e., player demographics. The primary target audience might be 21-34-year-old female players from the US. You can pick numerous such groups to target. However, knowing the age, gender, and place of your audience is just a starting point.

Here’s how you do it. It assists if you write down the primary attributes of your game. A simple-to-play casual match-3 puzzle video game with style and dcor meta aspects. This alone tells you a lot about what type of players you need to target. In this case, it’s casual players, puzzle gamers, and gamers with interests in design and dcor.

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Here’s an introduction of each player archetype. For expressionists, it’s everything about revealing their identity through personalization, design, storytelling or role-playing. King of the Hill gamers are concentrated on competitors and betting others this is what drives them when playing mobile video games. They feel most pleased when they outshine good friends or random people and come out on top.

Co-op playing and neighborhood structure are video game features that will catch their attention. When they play mobile video games, Skill Masters are always trying to improve their skills and appreciate a high knowing curve. As the name indicates, this type of gamer enjoys strategic thinking and preparation in mobile games. Making the finest out of available resources, preparation, and performing tactical maneuvers is what they do best.

Hence, they take pleasure in brain teasers, puzzles, and anything that will enhance their cognitive abilities. For Adventure Seekers, video gaming is all about excitement and action. The adrenaline rush of a busy video game is what they delight in one of the most. Exploration is the primary inspiration of Treasure Hunters they wish to learn what’s out there.

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Creative Production Now that you understand how to identify your target market, the next, and essential, step in a paid user acquisition method is innovative production. It refers to creating advertisement creatives that will assist you market your game. For mobile video games, video creatives work best and have the greatest conversion rates.

When writing the script, consider video game category and features, in addition to the target audience. Think about what would appeal to them based upon their motivations and interests. Take into account market research if you recognized an interesting innovative pattern, attempt it out. Do an extensive research study on your rivals’ advertisements and see what works, and what does not.

That permits you to target various groups of gamers based on their interests. Make the ads short and basic 15 to 30 seconds is the sweet area for mobile game advertisements. People’s attention periods are getting lower as we speak, so anything more than 30 seconds would be checking their limitations.

How to Explain Impact 21 Team Member to Your Boss

If you have a slow-paced puzzle game, the advertisement must have a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, hectic creatives with fast pace music and lots of sound effects are preferable for action games. Every video ad must end with a call-to-action. Whether it’s a simple “Play now” or something more personalized, it directs viewers to download the video game and start playing.

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