Could a Business Video Help You in a Time When Video Is Taking Over the Internet?

Could a Business Video Help You in a Time When Video Is Taking Over the Internet?

It feels like videos are saturating the internet. Whether you want to know about a particular news story, or a new product, the chances are, there’s a video for it. The introduction of broadband and faster web browsing speeds has brought on a revolution in the way we surf the web, and how we like information presented to us. Online videos have become an increasingly popular way to share, due to social media sites such as Twitter and video sharing such as YouTube taking over the internet. As a small or medium sized business it is important to understand how you could take advantage of this online video revolution. Would having a business video on networking sites encourage more traffic to your website? Do you think that a business video could persuade people to spend a little longer on your web page, and ultimately make more sales?

We know that you’re probably thinking this is great but you don’t have the time to produce a business video, or perhaps you don’t particularly want to. That’s fine, simply contact a local video production company and see if they can produce what you’re looking for. A professional online video company is the best route to take due to how influential video has become. If you were to create a poor company video, it would reflect badly on your business. By ensuring that your video looks professional, is edited, and perhaps even uses actors and voiceovers, you will encourage more people to watch your video and take an interest in your business.

Generally when we think of video, you think of the TV. This is changing, dramatically. We have already mentioned the online video revolution, but it is going one step further, time spent online is actually taking over the amount of time watching TV. Out of these incredible statistics, it is thought that over 50% of the time spent online is streaming video over the internet. There may never be a better time to start investing in online video marketing, so why not take the plunge and contact an experienced business video producer now?

Many small and medium businesses do not have a huge budget for marketing which often makes TV commercials out of the question. Could this change in the way we browse the internet allow you to access video marketing without paying out a fortune. You might think a business video would be incredibly expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Your video production company should have a range of video types, lengths, and perhaps most importantly, prices.

Whatever budget you have for your business video, the goal is the same, to ensure that viewers watch the video in its entirety. A small splurge on a business video for your website, and social networking or video sharing websites, will ensure that your viewers do not turn away quickly.

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Judd Cole