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I was once tossed about like a rag-doll on my first night by an upset Aikido instructor following a nave and genuinely unintentionally rude remark from me that I ‘d heard Aikido was a “soft” martial art. I likewise once handled to innocently stroll into a kung fu class in a black T-shirt with a Yin-Yang logo on it which just took place to be the uniform of their instructor grades who were all nicely lined up along the mats questioning who this unannounced going to master was.

Several years later on in China I needed to perform an unscripted presentation and represent “The West” (in its totality) in front of a group of high ranking instructors and their students whilst they decided if I had what it took to study with them. The fact is, when you approach a dojo, class or instructor for the very first time, you can never be completely sure what sort of a reception you’ll get.

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It’s difficult to know what to search for when starting out. How can you inform if something you’ve no genuine experience of is any good? How can you make certain the instructor knows their practical warm-up techniques and first-aid from their choke-hold resuscitation and pressure-point touch of death? Quality assurance is necessary as martial arts include a great offer of trust, time financial investment, and monetary expense not to point out a natural danger of injury, possibly deadly if you are ever hoping to use it as actual self-defence.

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In my experience, those who charge the most, with the biggest dojo, flashiest uniforms, animated websites, competition trophies and renowned ancient lineages are not immediately the best. Among the greatest teachers I ever satisfied was a shy old guy who taught a little group in a park in Beijing.

He was however, the authentic article, with arms like steel and the capability to drop people two times his size with no apparent effort. He was the Sifu I ‘d spent my whole life hoping to satisfy. Sadly, I didn’t speak Chinese and could not understand a word he stated. A few of the following pointers are clearly no-brainers, and come from my own experiences with various kinds of teachers, excellent and bad, from a vast array of styles, in different countries, and with differing levels of skill, attitudes to teaching, and expectations of their students.

Do not hesitate to disagree (although I stand by No1). If they appear impolite, big-headed, upset and unpleasant, what does that recommend about their teaching style? Excellent martial arts classes are based upon humbleness and respect, nevertheless this works both methods. Be respectful in your queries and introductions and keep in mind, nobody is obliged to teach you.

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Will you be a deserving trainee? What are your inspirations for discovering? Are you the type of person that would utilize their teachings to harm others or discredit the style? Certainly in Asia, an instructor is routinely judged by the efficiency and attitude of their students. That stated, merely being skilled in martial arts does not make someone a good teacher, neither does it immediately make them a nice or credible person.

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